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        Our process from bean to bar

Handcrafted chocolate made from single origin cocoa beans

Cello Chocolate is handcrafted from bean to bar in Nevada City, CA. We use carefully selected cocoa beans chosen for their unique flavors. When available, we purchase Certified Fair Trade and Organic beans. Our bars are made from single origin beans to showcase each region's unique character. We keep our ingredients simple: cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter.  We encourage you to sample each variety and find your favorite.

What's the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier? A chocolate maker buys, roasts and grinds cocoa beans into chocolate. A chocolatier makes confections from a chocolate maker's products. There are less than 200 artisan chocolate makers in the United States. In contrast, there are hundreds of chocolatiers. We are proud to be among this small group of craft chocolate makers.