If you want to mix and match bars send us a note under "contact us" or call us at 530-478-0877. We're always happy to customize your order.  We offer gift wrapping and personalized cards at no extra cost.

Each box contains the following:

Bach Cello Sweet Variety Pack

What's better than one of our bars?  How about all six! In honor of Bach's Master Suite for the cello, we offer all six of our sweets beautifully wrapped in a gift package. See below for descriptions of each bar. 

$30 per box,  plus $7 flat rate per order -  no matter how many boxes you purchase!

Tanzania 70%

Vibrant chocolate with notes of citrus and berry.

Direct Trade cocoa beans.

Retail locations 

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Peru 70%

Bright taste with notes of cherry.

Certified Fair Trade & Organic cocoa beans

Costa Rica 70%

Smooth, browned butter with a hint of mocha.
Direct Trade cocoa beans.

Bourbon Barrel Aged


Rich and creamy with notes of vanilla and honey.

Direct Trade cocoa beans.

Ghana with sea salt 70%

Deep, classic, cocoa flavor with Sea Salt.

Sweet & Salty. Certified Fair Trade cocoa beans.

We deliver!

If you are located in Western Nevada County we will deliver! Yes, even if you just want to order one bar.  Is it cost effective? Heck no, but Debi will find any excuse to ride her Vespa.



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Ecuador 70%

Rich, deep and smooth.

Direct Trade & Certified Organic cocoa beans.

Nevada City

Spring Street Market - 115 S. Pine Street

Ol' Republic Brewery - 124 Argall Way

Wheyward Girl Creamery - 209 Commercial St.

EarthSong Flowers - 821 Zion St. 

Inn Town Campground - 9 Kidder Ct.

Grass Valley

Briar Patch Co-Op - 290 Sierra College Drive

Caroline's Coffee Roasters - 128 S. Auburn St

Flour Garden Bakery & Cafe - 999 Sutton Way

Sierra Starr Tasting Room - 124 W. Main St.

Summer Thyme's Bakery & Deli - 231 Colfax Ave


Copper Lane Cafe - 3001 Northstar Dr

Penn Valley

Whim - 17565 Penn Valley Dr.

Yuba City
New Earth Market - 1475 Tharp Rd.
Clark Ave Coffee Shop - 101 Clark Ave

San Francisco
Chocolate Covered - 4069 24th St.